Calculate Your Incident Response Efficiencies

Tell Us about Your Current Scenario:

1. Average number of alerts received per day
2. Total number of analysts
3. Total alerts each analyst can investigate/triage per day
    Current alert capacity your organization can investigate/triage per day
    Note: #2 analysts multiplied by #3 alerts per analyst
4. Target number of alert investigations your organization would like to triage per day
5. Annual cost per analyst
6. Percent of analyst time spent in non-value added activity due to lack of automation
    (log sifting, cutting/pasting, writing queries, manually reconciling data)

Value of time wasted/lost due to lack of automation

        Before BV
 After BV
Team Productivity
BluVector can improve productivity of the current team dedicated to incident investigation and with fewer hours spent on remedial tasks
Cost per Investigation
BluVector can decrease the cost per investigation         
Investigation Cost per Year
BluVector can decrease the annual cost of investigations
Number of Attacks Missed Every Day
BluVector significantly decreases the number of threats which slip past perimeter based detections